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Mahaque Well Project

This project was set up just over 6 years ago with the intention of sinking one bore hole/hand pump in this area of Vilankulo, Mozambique.     A former Ludlow Larks member lives there and it was to give her neighbours access to clean water. Previously they had been drinking lake water, the same water people bathed in and washed their clothes.

Within 6 weeks enough money had been raised for Well Number 1

but enough people in Ludlow and Leintwardine were inspired to fundraise for more. We are now saving for Well Number 8.   Mains water is now piped as far as the first 3 wells but most people cannot afford it so the wells are still used by the majority of families. Wells 3 and 7 are in Chigamane, a very poor rural area in the Bush, far from the town.

Because of our local connection we are able to do this work very economically as the only well-digging business happens to be this former Larks’  father-in-law so we get an advantageous price. Local people are employed to build the wells and local users tend and maintain the wells.

Most of the money raised over the past 4 years has been by Ludlow Larks, the annual concert as well as individual fundraising/donations, so is now solely a Larks’ project.

It’s a very heartening thought that there are now 6 year old children in that part of the world who have grown up with clean fresh water and have never had to drink polluted lake water.

For the last 6 years Larks have raised funds for this project, started by choir member, Ailsa. Her daughter, who used to sing with Larks, lives in this area of Mozambique with her family.

Polly wrote a song called “Give people water and you give people life” about 6 years ago for the choir to sing, and it been taught to many children in the Ludlow area as they learn about this project and the problem of water shortage in parts of Africa.

The choir also have raised money by knitting multicoloured socks, selling bunches of flowers, donating money earned from pop up meals and by generous donations. Special thanks go to the “Men from Off” from Bishop’s Castle who have also performed with us at our concerts over many years.

One of Ailsa’s friends, earned over £2000 by doing a sky dive aged 89! Film of this amazing skydive was shown to our audience as we sang at one of our concerts!

Community choirs have a long association with raising money for water projects, such as “Sing for Water” and we are very pleased to be part of this project.