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About singing with the Larks


LARKS IS HELD IN LUDLOW WOMENS CENTRE, behind the Rose and Crown but we do welcome men! Parking in the market square or the Castle Car Park on the right hand side of the square.

  • There’s only one rule…..while you are taking part in the choir please enjoy your voice and those of the people around you! Please do not criticise either.
  • We start at 7.30 so please be punctual so we can do as much singing as possible.
  • Try and keep in a circle and be mindful of not excluding anyone. Get into the middle of your group if you want to hear the notes better, rather than curving round. Also watch the finger in the ear syndrome!
  • Please give your full attention to learning the songs and keep chatter to a minimum. I carefully choose the songs so they are within reach of everyone. Please don’t chatter while other parts are being taught. Listening to all parts will help you to learn the whole song.
  • If you don’t like a song, hang in there with it; there will be others who do like it and there will be other songs that you do like. Please sing it with a smile.
  • Be patient if a song takes some learning. I am constantly amazed at how well the choir learns songs by ear. It will go in to your brain, trust me!
  • I try and teach songs that are upbeat and have a feel -good factor but once in a while a song may affect you and make you sad. Please feel free to blub…..I often do!
  • Please tell me if you want to go over a part of a phrase again. I will do it as many times as needed.
  • I try to keep a balance between public performances and choir sessions and will consult you before committing the choir. Please tell me if you think the balance could be tweaked.
  • You are not obliged to take part in any performances but they are fun and a challenge worth rising to. You can duck out at the last moment if you have lost confidence but be aware that you have over 30 lovely people to support you!
  • We sing songs from around the world so please be prepared to sing in another language. The songs are chosen with care so that they will suit a wide range of singing experience.
  • I may give out music notes to some songs occasionally but I do not expect people to read music. I teach all songs orally and very rarely have any notation for the songs I have arranged.
  • Please seek out who ever is collecting money at the half time break to save the embarrassment of them having to approach you.
  • Please feel free to help make the delicious (!) herb teas and wash up the cups. I am very grateful for the team that take this on every week and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a break from the job.
  • Try and remember to bring a bottle of water. It is important to keep the back of the throat moist and cool when breathing in through the mouth when singing.
  • Your parts may slightly change as we sing a song; that may be because I have slightly changed a part to make it sound better or even forgotten the original part! I have thousands of songs in my head, often with up to 4 different parts so please go with the flow (as you usually do!) and be aware that oral music is a bit fluid.
  • Please do remember to print off the word sheets when I email them to you as it saves me spending a fortune on printer ink. Also any information sheets about concerts and events. It is important that I don’t have to repeat info I have already sent out, so we have more time for singing. If you have a problem with printing, let me know.
  • If you have any ideas for social events for Larks please let me know.
  • Finally, a big THANK YOU for joining the choir or being a member of Larks as it is a wonderful choir and a lovely supportive group of people.


Polly 01584 823609